Monday, May 3, 2010

Make A Statement In Your Home With Ceramic Tiles

There are literally thousands of glass tiles and ceramic tiles to choose from to suit every home décor. Ceramic tiles range from subway tiles to glazed, mosaic and wood-look tiles. Here are some of our favorites.

Subway Tiles, as their name suggests, are inspired by the white and cream-colored tiles you see on the walls of train tunnels. Subway tiles give kitchens a sleek and classic look, and they come in a range of cool colors that you wouldn’t find when traveling underground, including cobalt blue gloss, caramel matte, mustard gloss, and gold matte.

Mosaic Tiles are guaranteed to give your home an arty, energetic and vibrant feel, and work perfectly in bathrooms. Mosaics were traditionally made of small cubic pieces of stone or glass and formed an image or pattern. Mosaic tiles come in a dazzling array of colors and shades, from black and white to shades of green and blue.

Ceramic Decos are decorative ceramic tiles that can be used sparingly on a wall or floor, alongside plainer tiles for maximum effect. Ceramic Decos feature a range of decorative motifs, including flowers, imperial designs and funky black and white diamonds.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Get Zen: Unexpected Ways To Make River Pebbles Work Beyond Tile Flooring

Home is where the Zen is. Well, at least for monks it is. River stones are more than just rocks; they’re ancient representations of strength, naturalism, and serenity. Historically found in Buddhist temples and Japanese landscape gardens, stone arrangements are used to mimic aqueous scenes that honor water elements, such as streams, waterfalls, ponds and their natural landscape. If you’re looking for an unexpected twist on ceramic tiles and tile flooring , here are some inspiring ways to ground your bathroom, kitchen and garden with East Asian-inspired river pebbles:

Kitchen Backsplash
Take a holistic approach to organic by thinking beyond groceries. Try our hand-chosen, beach-harvested Black Pebble mosaic as a textural backsplash in a clean, white kitchen.

Shower Flooring
A surprising place to find smooth, tumbled stones. Recreate a spa experience on your shower floor with flat, stone mosaics—easy on the feet (and on the eyes.)

Patio Deck
Rethink tile flooring and standard terrace touches with our terracotta pebbles. The warm earth-colored mosaic is a natural complement to pools, shrubbery, and the perfect setting for summer parties.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Decoration Ideas: Casa Dolce Casa Tile Floors

tile floors tile flooring

Providing down-home tile flooring for both residential and commercial environments, Casa Dolce Casa – Italian for “home sweet home” – certainly lives up to its name. Read on for two of our favorite collections by this luxurious manufacturer based in Italy.

Le Argille
This memorable series features unpolished porcelain mosaics available in four beautiful color schemes. We love the deep browns and grays in the Terra Nera scheme, perfect for showcasing a brightly colored area rug or upholstered loveseat. Alternatively, the red hued Terra Rossa tiles have an exotic, Southwestern appeal, and work wonderfully in conjunction with dark-stained wooden furniture. For a more modern version of this collection, we recommend the clean-lined Contemporanea tiles, also by Casa Dolce Casa.

All the splendor and authenticity of clay, and none of the mess! The unpolished through-body porcelain in the Casa Dolce Casa Clays collection lends itself to clean palates with subtle variations. Choose the deep red Country tiles for a statement floor or bright trim, or explore the Moresque’s intricate pink and peach shades, ideal for natural looking tile floors.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Vogue Ceramic Tile by Ceramica Magica

ceramic tile
It’s Magica! Featuring polished ceramic tile in a selection of warm and thoughtfully chosen colors, the Vogue collection by Italian tile producer Ceramica Magica would make a wonderful addition to any home or business. These glazed wall tiles are unique for their subtle texture, which provides a rustic feeling while still appearing clean and authentic.

The example above combines the Vogue “deco” print ceramic tiles with red and white struttur components for a beautiful palate. Although it is shown in a bathroom, it’s easy to imagine how a different configuration would be equally suited for a kitchen backsplash or even the wall of an exquisite entryway.

Plus, the elegant floral “deco” print evokes a variety of images your inner decorator will love to play around with. Accessorize with ornate cushions and hand-painted characters for an oriental vibe, or embrace the pastoral west by complementing your tiles with floral upholstery and wall art.

For other color configurations, we recommend experimenting with Vogue’s lighter white ceramic tiles, as well as the blue and yellow/gold shades, all of which offer the same distinct texture seen in the red.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Metal and Glass Tile: A Winning Combination

glass tiles
Peanut butter and jelly. Cookies and milk. Spaghetti and meatballs. Certain pairings are just too perfect to question, and metal and glass tile is one such combination. The Dialoghi metal and glass tiles by Mosaico+ capitalize on this glorious relationship, creating beautiful mosaics for walls and backsplashes with unlimited pattern potential.

There’s something beautiful about the interplay of textures between metal and glass, as crisp, rigid metal contrasts with its luminous counterpart. The collection’s triangular pieces can be arranged to form shapes of all kinds, allowing you to truly express your creativity.

glass tile
For even more excitement, elements of the Dialoghi glass tile series also feature stone and wood components. These mosaics provide even more textural juxtaposition, providing not just a breathtaking wall or backsplash but a true conversation piece.

Choose light blue, green, or yellow glass tile for a study in contrast, or stick to a more neutral colors for a sleek, minimalist appeal. Likewise, your metals are available in a somber black, cool gold, and dynamic copper, among other colorings. For more options, you can browse all of the Dialoghi glass tiles at

Monday, March 22, 2010

Harlequin Tile Flooring and Walls

ceramic tiles
When you’re selecting tile flooring and walls, a small design detail might be all you need to separate the ordinary from the extraordinary. For example, you can craft a distinct look easily by selecting your tiles in harlequin cuts. These diamond shaped tiles lend themselves to creative patterns with undertones both whimsical and geometric. Whether you’re designing porcelain tile flooring or a ceramic kitchen backsplash, harlequin tiles can elevate your décor to a whole new level.

For harlequin tile flooring, decorators love the Amiata series by American Olean tiles. This collection features unpolished porcelain tiles in soothing earth tones that balance out the captivating harlequin pattern. Amiata tiles are also suited for use on walls.

The American Olean Caché series, alternatively, offers punchy ceramic tiles available in glazed harlequin cuts. These glossy tiles are perfect for kitchen backsplashes and shower walls, especially when placed near a light source to capitalize on their luster and depth of color. Choose the dark brown “Mink” ceramic tiles for an intense design, or keep things light with milder shades like “Biscuit” and “Ice White.”

Glass Tiles: Are You Sure? We’re Positivo.

Out with the old, and in with the new. That’s what you’ll think of when you see the innovative Positivo collection by Mosaico+ tiles. Made out of polished glass tile (and sometimes metal), the Positivo series features a geometric mosaic oriented either straight or at an angle. The combination of metal and glass tiles creates a unique interplay of materials that looks both industrial and elegant.

This versatile line of glass tiles will compliment any wall, be it commercial or residential, kitchen or bathroom. Choose the diagonal pattern, composed entirely out of plus shapes, for a relaxing shower tile or memorable kitchen backsplash. The diagonal tiles are available in green/silver/black, gold/red/white, and brown/blue/white color schemes.

Alternatively, you might prefer the straight pattern for an even more linear look. Featuring both plus- and square-shaped glass tiles, this series comes in blue/green/black and brown/blue/gray schemes.

Best of all, Positivo glass tiles are as dynamic as they are elegant, as their intricate patterns will vary based on your lighting, furnishing, and other decorations – you never know which colors and patterns your tiles will pick up!